Track It Or Die!

I do all kinds of different things to get traffic to my websites. Depending on my goals (getting people to subscribe to my list, buy my products, click on a link, etc) and the niche I'm in always depends on WHAT tactics I use.

Hot Tip!
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But… How do I know what's working?


If you're not tracking at the VERY least WHERE your website traffic is coming from then how do you know what tactics are working?

You don't!

If you're spending 2 hours a day on SEO and you're not getting any traffic from your efforts then you're wasting 2 hours a day.

If you're spending an hour a day and say $100 a day using Facebook advertising and you're not getting any traffic from that you're wasting your time AND your money.

Side Note:
Facebook has some built in analytic tools so make sure you pay attention to those.

Not learning all about your options for tracking can be daunting and send you into a total information overload melt down. I know it did me that way for YEARS, and I just didn't track anything because of it!

So instead of focusing on the complex stuff and getting overwhelmed I started with an easy solution and you should too.

If you're using anything but WordPress for your site you don't have a lot of options, but if your site is built using WordPress you can use a simple plugin to get all kinds of information about your traffic efforts.

This plugin is called JetPack!

Here's a screenshot of what it tracks for me…


Now this isn't the best analytics program around, but it's quick, easy, and simple and if you're just getting started with tracking your traffic efforts that's exactly what you need.

So today I'd like to see you install the plugin, do some things to get traffic to your website, and in a few days see what is and what is NOT working.

Now… How hard was that?

This is going to allow you to “dip your toe in the water” in tracking your traffic tactics and show you what is and isn't working right away.

Now as your site grows and your business grows of course you'll want to use something bigger and better, but for now you've got something you can start using right away!

Have questions about what I've covered here? Have recommendations for other options, resources, and/or services to help people track their traffic efforts? Just post them below!