Getting Started With Traffic

So I just wanted to write a really quick post to help you guys who are getting started with traffic. There are things you need to keep in mind that will actually HELP you to get traffic in the correct ways using the correct processes.

You see it's not just about driving traffic. It's about driving traffic to the right place, and using the right traffic tactics that work for your business model.

For example…

I drive ALL traffic to a squeeze page. ( My business is all about teaching people to create their own online business. So tactics like…

Buying solo ads from people who have lists in my niche
Buying advertising on sites that are in my niche
Writing articles about my niche
Using social media tactics
Etc, etc, etc…

Those are all things I do because they are proven to work in my niche.

So before you even THINK about traffic you need a squeeze page so you can drive traffic and get people in your niche on your list. This way you can send an email to your list and get them to any link you want them to go to. The bigger your list the more traffic you can drive to any link you want.

Duh, right?

Well 95% of people aren't doing that…

So once you have somewhere to drive traffic then it all comes down to educating yourself about the different traffic tactics and finding the ones that work for you and using them each and every day.

Yes! You have to drive traffic each day in order to keep that traffic coming. That's something else 95% of people don't do. They are too busy chasing the dream and aren't actually WORKING. 🙂

So here's a diagram of how this all works…


Here's an explanation of the diagram…

1. You learn tactics to drive traffic
2. You drive traffic to your squeeze page
3. You get people on your list
4. You email your list when you want to send them to a site (maybe a link to your product, a site you're an affiliate for, etc)
5. Your list subscribers click on your links and go where you want them

See how easy that is?

So quit making this driving traffic thing so hard… Get a squeeze page, drive traffic, get your list subscribers to anywhere you want. 🙂

I hope this helps and if you have questions about what I've covered here please leave them in the comments section below…

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Liz Tomey is a crazy redhead with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines out in everything she does. Her teachings have helped many create online businesses that fund the extraordinary lives they love. Since 2004 Liz has created and successfully ran many different online businesses in several different niches and shares her passion for online business in hopes to change the lives of those who are searching for a life they truly want to live!

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  • I totally agree that you need to drive traffic to a squezze page. You will need to provide something of value related to your niche, for someone to leave their name/email address.


    • Thanks dear!

      Not sure what you mean…

      You can put a squeeze page anywhere you want. You just need a URL to it to send traffic to it.

  • OK, I had to stop and think the process through. I was thinking to send folks to my website but you are sending them to a squeeze page first to get them on your list and then send them to your website. Over time I will have multiple websites in different niche’s so I need a squeeze page and website for each. Then I need to segment my list? Do most marketers have several websites? Do you host each one as a subset on just one main website or get a seperate domain for each? I am not sure if I am asking my question correctly

    • Bill… You’re trying to make it all WAY too complicated. 🙂

      You should have a squeeze page for each niche that you’re in. My main niche is the Internet marketing niche and I have a main squeeze page for it which I send all my traffic to. I also have several other squeeze pages. Some of them I send traffic to and some I just email my existing list about.

      It comes down to what your goal is…

      If you have a goal to build a list of people in the dog training niche you setup a free offer for them and send traffic to it.

      You’ve got to decide what your goal is though.

      You can have hundreds of squeeze pages… It’s all about your goals and what you want to do.

      I’m going to do a video to try and explain this a little bit better because it seems like a few people are confused on this too. Stay tuned…

  • Thanks Liz;
    The idea of a squeeze page I’ve got, the “client”either logs in, or he doesn’t. The funnel part, I’ve been trying to get a grip on in the sense of the technology. He logs in and goes through to your page on which he moves through to your side of the table on which he follows the value proposition and buys;logs in; leaves (what ever the two sides may be). So, what I’m missing is the actual physical logic. Do I go to a Walmart and buy a bag of funnels, or????? I’ve seen an ad for a guy online who actually “sells” online funnels, can’t recall the name right off, but that is the hurdle I’m hung up on right now. Long time ago, I came across a guy (Arron Danker, I think) who had a site on which you would give him money for a funnel-based project, and he would split the profit with you. Also, Anik Sengal has a book “Circle of Profit” in which the system he was selling began with a funnel (or at least that is what I thought of as a funnel) in which one just followed the path and money would drop into your pocket. The logic was straight-forward, but how the hell do you build a funnel!!! That’s my greatest hurdle right now. There is certain to be another when I move through that.

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