The Stages Of Traffic

So here’s my speech on traffic…

There are different stages of traffic generation.

The first stage is making sure you have something that is ready for traffic. Usually that’s going to be some kind of squeeze page. If you’re not building a list then your traffic generation is futile. If you don’t have a professional looking squeeze page that has a killer offer on it then your traffic generation is futile.

So before you drive traffic, you have to have something worthy of traffic. 95% of you don’t and I could talk till I was blue in the face about traffic and it wouldn’t help you. That’s blunt, but I’m not known for sugar coating things.  🙂

The second stage is figuring out what traffic tactics work for your niche so you can get targeted traffic. If you have a site about training your dog, people who want to make their cars run on water won’t give a flying flip about your site.

How do you figure out what tactics to use? That’s the million dollar question, the answer is you have to try different tactics, test to see what works, and then only use what works.

Also pay attention to what people in your niche are doing to get traffic and do what they do!

Most people aren’t willing to do that, so they never get the right kind of traffic, and then give up because they’re not seeing results.

If you’ve got something good to put in front of people, and you’re putting it in front of the right people, you will make money. If not you won’t… It’s as simple as that…

Now the last stage here is learning the different traffic strategies. This takes some time, but as you learn a tactic, test it out, and if it works keeps using it.

Make sense?

And there’s my speech on traffic!


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